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shannon 38 srd powerboat



Shannon Boat Company

Walter Schulz Yacht Designer
Design Comment by Walt Schulz

I believe that my Shannon 38 SRD design represents a significant breakthrough and will set a new standard in the marine industry for fuel efficient power boat design. There has never before been a power boat like the 38 SRD. This thirty eight foot SRD hull is a totally new design concept that achieves amazing fuel economy while combining great performance, shoal water and offshore capability.

 SRD is an acronym for Schulz Reverse Deadrise. The aft hull sections of the 38 Beach Boat are radically different from all other powerboats which have convex or positive deadrise hull shapes. By inverting these

aft sections on the 38 SRD, tremendous lift is produced, while the forward sections provide laminar flow that prevents suction. This revolutionary hull design (U.S. patent pending) enables the 38 SRD to reach speeds in excess of 25 mph with one half the engine horsepower of comparable powerboats. The SRD hull shape gives an exceptional flat ride plus excellent all-around performance in waters just 2 feet deep. The speed-to-horsepower ratios and fuel economy of the 38 SRD are extraordinary when compared to semi-displacement and deep V hulls, making the 38 SRD truly unique. With only twin 150HP diesels, the prototype reached a top speed of 25 mph and cruised at 20 mph burning only 11 gallons an hour total, for a fuel burn of about two miles to the gallon. Deep V and trawler hulls at their best use one gallon per mile, and water jet boats obviously burn even more fuel than that. The range of the Shannon 38 SRD with standard tankage is almost 500 miles. For those interested in even more economy and range, the 38 SRD was also designed to accommodate surface peircing propeller drivers, a truly 21st Century solution.”

“Since 70% of the coastal cruising waters from Eastport, Maine to Brownsville, Texas average only 3 feet deep, the 38 SRD with 24 inch draft opens whole new cruising areas to be enjoyed. During the 1990's, the marine market saw a dramatic acceptance of water jet boats touting the virtues of shoal draft boating. The 38 SRD gives the same opportunity to enjoy shallow water without the extra fuel burn, mechanical complexity, difficulty in handling, and high annual maintenance costs of water jet power.

The hull on the 38 SRD utilizes state-of-the-art composite foam core construction built to the highest standards. Shannon Yachts has been recognized as an industry leader with a 28 year history of fiberglass excellence. The 38 SRD’s hull is light-weight but incredibly strong. The 38 SRD is built for ocean passages like all Shannons. It is exceptionally quiet thanks to the foam core, which does not have the water absorption and delamination potential of balsa wood cores. Shannon 38 srd cross section